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Gemini ™ by Gravitypen ™ - The original self balancing, gravity defying hovering pen

Gemini ™ by Gravitypen ™ - The original self balancing, gravity defying hovering pen

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  • ✅ Gemini by Gravitypen utilizes the latest patent pending technology. From the maker of the original self balancing, gravity defying, hovering pen. Superior patent pending technology, and over 20 years of experience makes the difference! Yes! It really does go back that far! Read below for details.
  • ✅ Stunning mid-century design. No power necessary! Crafted with brushed stainless steel. Cap free design is always ready to write and is fumble free with nothing to misplace. Made in USA.
  • ✅ Exquisite finger balance, weight, and comfort are central to this masterpiece. Spins like a top, and invokes curiosity!
    Weighing in at an even 1 ounce.
  • ✅ Waterproof Free-flowing Ink. Experience easy-glide writing with ink that won’t bleed. Equipped with nickel silver tip and stainless steel ball. International D1 format, and 0.7mm medium stroke.
  • ✅ Mirror-top pedestal, and stainless steel pen are hand crafted in the USA, and have been meticulously designed
    to reflect mid-century space age style. The beautifully contoured lines of this fine writing instrument reflect the 
    distinct profile of the Titan II rockets which powered the
    NASA Gemini space program .

Back with superior patent-pending technology! The original free-standing, self-balancing, gravity-defying pen was developed in 2001-2002! Various designs were created, and sold starting in the early, and mid 2000's including vertically standing, and leaning varieties. Most notably, the famous tattoo artist, and self-made mogul Kat Von D was an early customer. She preferred the "Floating Feather" pens which have been updated, and now embodied in the Gravitypen Wedding Pen. preserved one of the listings from our eBay account dating back to 2007. Feel free to Google "floating feather pen" or check out
Our competitors use technology similar to that from the 1980's. This technology requires the lower portion of the pen to be set down below the supporting magnets. 
We call this below-horizon technology. Our pioneering tech dating back to the early 2000's was the original on-horizon technology in which the pen was able to set on the top level surface of the base. Our new patent updates this on-horizon technology to make it more stable, and robust, and also covers all new ground breaking, and state-of-the-art above-horizon technology. Look for this technology  in soon to be released products such as Gravitypen Photon, Gravitypen Graviton, and others! 

 What You’ll Get: 1 Gravitypen Gemini (Stainless Steel) 1 Extra Refill 1 Pedestal (Glass, graphite composite urethane with hammered finish.) 1 User Manual

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